Solving Sciatica and How Dry Needling Works

Dry needling may be a potent therapy technique to treat sciatica. Sciatica affects the nerve that runs through the spine. Due to prolapsed or herniated spinal discs, the sciatic nerve can become irritated, causing sensations of pain along the spine. Dry needling can target problem areas and it may resolve irritation and pain.

How Dry Needling Works

Dry needling utilizes a filament needle to penetrate a ‘trigger point.’ Trigger points are points along the body that tend to carry tension. This tension can cause physical discomfort and pain, as well as mental stress. It may even lead to headaches. In the case of sciatica, dry needling is useful in targeting trigger points along the length of the spine. Dry needling can specifically target problem areas and it may aid in relaxing spinal muscles that cause disc prolapse and herniation. If you have a bulging disc in your spine that’s causing sciatica, dry needling may mitigate the pain by allowing tense muscles to relax. Dry needling specifically targets neuromuscular dysfunction by targeting the aforementioned trigger points, and it may aid in relieving the body of aches and pains.

If you’re suffering from sciatica or other muscle ailments, dry needling might just be the perfect solution for you. To learn more about the dry needling process, feel free to visit our informational dry needling page. Dry needling may also be helpful for those with headaches, or those simply looking to relax. Get in touch with us today to book your next dry needling appointment!

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    1. I have really enjoyed dry needling as tool in our office. Dry needling provides quick effective pain relief.. Dr. C

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