Nrf2 One of the Greatest Discoveries.. ever



There has been a huge new discovery in the the field of science that directly and immediately could change your life and future. It is the discovery of Nrf2 activation.

It happened in a lab not far from Parker, Colorado. In 2002 a scientist Dr. Joe McCord from the Webb-Waring Institute at University of Colorado Anschutz, formulated a Nrf2 activator that changed the course of aging.  It was featured on ABC Primetime in 2005 and sat on the shelves of GNC, and other stores waiting to be discovered.

The attention from the ABC piece turned the heads of many universities who began their own research. Now 10 years later the studies and information is building like crazy….  Still, there is only one natural, patented, researched, and standardized version of this on the market….

How does it work? Well thanks to, Scott Satterfield, I have a simple explanation to share….

When we are younger or without disease we produce some garbage (free radicals) but not a lot. We have plenty of garbage men around to clean this up.

As we get older and or sicker we make more garbage (oxidative stress) and have fewer garbage men around to pick it up. The garbage then starts to build up.. That “trash” (free radicals) makes us age and feel achy, get diseases, and recover from things slower. Nrf2 comes in and helps our bodies make more garbage men again….

DO you want more garbage men or less?

DO you want more trash or less?



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