Betrayed By The Scale

Have you ever been betrayed by your scale? I’m sure we’ve all been there. You’ve made the commitment to change, eaten perfectly all week, did all of your workouts and the scale didn’t budge. You even feel like your clothes fit a little looser but the scale betrays you into thinking it’s never going to work. Why bother? Many people quit even if their clothes are looser, and rings are now dangling on their fingers. There’s a reason why this happens and why the SCALE should not be the determining factor of your success.



The tape measure or FIT3D Body Scan along with the scale is a better method of a determining factor of your success. You can lose inches without losing weight on the scale.   Why? I want you to understand the physiology so maybe in 2016 you won’t quit. We also want to help you have a better more realistic self image and healthy relationship with your scale.


As you burn the fat out of your cells, but the body does not immediately want to let go.   Your body will fill up that void with water while it waits to see if you are going to fill it back up with fat. If you don’t fill it up eventually it is emptied. This can cause a flush and sometimes why you go along with no change for awhile and then seemingly lose 2 lbs over night. Your body has finally given up those cells and flushed the water. Sometimes you can direct this process quicker with a road map of special chemistry that’s why we recommend a specific fat burner. Fat filled cells and water filled cells almost weight the same. But fat filled cells take more space than water filled cells so this is why you can have inch loss before you lose weight.


2 thoughts on “Betrayed By The Scale

    1. Yes, Diandra, the scale does lie. Measurements are the best way to document progress. That’s why we have a Fit 3D in the office. 450 measurements in 40 seconds!! Whew, lost 1.9″ off my waist so far this year!! Dr. C

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