7 Signs You Need To Be Eating More Vegetables, Because Most Of Us Aren’t Getting Enough!

7 Signs You Need To Be Eating More Vegetables, Because Most Of Us Aren’t Getting Enough!
1. You’re breaking out!
2. You’re ALWAYS hungry.
3. You’re having trouble staying regular.
4. You’re relying on a multivitamin.
5. You’re tired and fatigued.
6. You get sick frequently or can’t shake a cold.
7. You get cranky, have brain fog or mood swings…
BONUS sign: You can’t lose weight…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in 2010 that only 33% of adults were eating the daily recommended amount of fruit, and even fewer — 27% — were meeting their veggie quota. And that’s adults; the numbers for teens were worse.
But the facts say… in order to get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber we should consume at least 2-3 cups per day.


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